DSC_3060Overseer F. Emmanuel Carvil, Founder & Senior Pastor
An 120 year preaching legacy continues with the life and ministry of Elder F. Emmanuel Carvil. Elder Carvil serves as the Founder and Senior Pastor of Love Tabernacle of God Praise and Worship Christian Center, an ever-growing ministry in the heart of South Florida. Who knew that God would elect a young man to lead this generation into kingdom building? A young man who took life and ministry to heart, starting over twenty years ago and now known internationally as a Pastor, Minister, Teacher, Prophet and Healer, but to him, he calls himself a willing vessel of the Lord.

The plan of God for Elder Carvil’s life began to flourish as he was license as a Minister in 1995, installed as the Youth Pastor in 1996, and licensed and ordained as an Elder in 1997. Though God allowed growth in ministry to come rapidly, Elder Carvil continued his education at Bethune Cookman College. While at Bethune Cookman College, during the fall 1999 term, the Lord met him in his dormitory and spoke, *Return Home, for the church is in trouble.* Elder Carvil proceeded to follow through on the word of the Lord, and returned to Miami, Florida.

In the spring of 2000, while Elder Carvil release himself from his collegiate studies, the Executive Board of the Angels of Mercy Ministries International Churches requested his presence in their meeting. During this meeting the Board unanimously elected to install Elder Carvil as the new Pastor of the church, and a year later, ordained as the Senior Pastor of the church. The state of Florida, pleased with the work of Elder Carvil, attended the ordination and installation service of Elder Carvil, with honors and proclamations from the Governor Jeb Bush, State Senators, House of Representatives, Mayors and Commissioners, making March 17, 2001, Elder F. Emmanuel Carvil Day in the state of Florida. While serving as the Senior Pastor, Elder Carvil worked diligently and endlessly to re-structure and deliver the ministry from it*s dying state; and in 2003, the church became debt free and trouble free.

As Elder Carvil continued to obey the voice of the Lord, he heard again from the Holy Spirit: it was time to birth a new ministry that would encompass the work, increase the vision, and build the kingdom of God. Through the impartation of God, the work began for the organization of Love Tabernacle. With esteem power and authorship of God, Love Tabernacle of God Praise and Worship Christian Center was founded and established on March 19, 2004, with services being held in the homes of it’s members. Elder Carvil heard the voice of the Lord to teach on the principles of Love, taken from Galatians 5:22 & 23.

Throughout the time of his Pastorate over the congregation of Love Tabernacle, he continually waited and trusted the Lord for the appointed time, to advance his ministry. As he worked with a number of churches and organizations throughout the country, the Lord called him into Calvary Nation.

In 2006, Elder Carvil, answered the voice of the Lord, and joined under the covering of the Mount Calvary Holy Churches of America, under the Directive of Bishop Harold I Williams, Bishop Alfred A. Owens and Bishop Hansel Henry. As it was for many things in the life of Elder Carvil, it was by divine purpose that he found shelter and covering under Mount Calvary.

Elder Carvil, shares his life with Evangelist Lakisha T. Carvil and he is the father of Cornelius E. Carvil and Christian C. Carvil.

Now as Elder F. Emmanuel Carvil, pastors a swiftly growing church; the members are excited to see the next level that God has for the life and ministry of Love Tabernacle of God PAWCC, Inc..